• SORRENTO AND.. - Sorrento


Probably established by the Greeks. Sorrento was for a short period under the dominion of the Etruscans and then from 420 BC there was an influx of the Osci. In Roman times there was a rebellion by the Italians (90 BC); Silla made Sorrento a colony. Later Ottaviano established a settlement for retired soldiers.

This was followed by the Menenia tribe. It was the seat of Archbishops  from 420 AD. During the Byzantine dominion in Italy, Sorrento was a Dukedom. Firstly under the Duke of Naples, then under governors and Dukes, always fighting with Amalfi, Salerno and the Saracens.

The history of Sorrento is the same as that of other cities from the Campania region; forming allies against the muslims and fighting against the Longbardi from Benevento.

There was also fighting among the local noble families. In the 9th century Sorrento was under Guido, the brother of Guaimario Prince of Salerno, then on the death of Guido it was free. In 1137 it was under the reign of the Normans.

In 1558 Sorrento was conquered by Turks then in the winter of 1648 the city was under seige by Giovanni Grillo, General of the Duke of Guisa.


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